Fundamentals of receptor, enzyme, and transport kinetics


Fundamentals of receptor, enzyme, and transport kinetics

John C. Matthews

CRC Press, c1993

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Includes bibliographical references (p. 129) and index



"Fundamentals of Receptor, Enzyme, and Transport Kinetics" pulls together the most important topics in receptor, enzyme and transport kinetics into a concise format. The book is organized so that simple material is presented first, providing a firm foundation on which to cover the advanced topics which appear later. The book also features two important appendices that should be particularly useful learning tools. The first appendix outlines all the key equations from the text and indicates their use. The second appendix is a set of sample calculation problems and their solutions.


Receptors: Introduction to Receptors. Simple Receptor-Ligand Interactions. Overview of Techniques for Direct Measurement of Receptor-Ligand Interactions. Receptor-Ligand Interactions That Generate Proportional Physiological Effects. Overview of Mechanisms for Coupling of Receptor-Agonist Interactions with Physiological Effects. Overview of Techniques for Measuring Receptor-Agonist Interactions Through Their Physiological Effects. Receptor-Ligand Interactions That Are Disproportionate with Their Physiological Effects. Antagonism. Enzymes: Introduction to Enzymes. Simple Enzyme-Substrate Interactions. Complex Enzyme-Substrate Interactions. Transport Systems: Transport Kinetics. References. Appendices: Table of Equations and Their Uses. Sample Calculations.

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