Brain tumors : a comprehensive text


Brain tumors : a comprehensive text

edited by Robert A. Morantz, John W. Walsh

(Neurological disease and therapy, v. 20)

M. Dekker, c1994

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Includes bibliographical references and index



This single-source reference combines and distils the information that has been generated in recent years on brain tumours in children and adults. It examines advances in understanding their molecular biology, modes of growth and spread, diagnosis and treatment. Allowing both general physicians and specialists to keep abreast of diagnostic and therapeutic techniques, Brain Tumors covers all aspects of modern-day care, including discussions of: the epidemiology, pathology and clinical presentation of specific types of brain tumours such as malignant glioma, meningioma and pituitary adenoma; all state-of-the-art diagnostic procedures; pre- and post-operative care; standard and stereotactic surgical approaches; skull base surgery; traditional and innovative approaches to radiation therapy; chemotherapy and immunotherapy; and stereotactic radiosurgery.;Written by experts in the field, this book is intended for neurosurgeons, neurologists, neuropathologists, neuroradiologists, radiation and medical oncologists, paediatricians, internists and family practitioners who care for patients with brain tumours, and residents in these disciplines.


  • Epidemiology of brain tumors, Kurupath Radhakrishnan et al
  • pathology of benign brain tumors, Dikran S. Horoupian and Yuan Chang
  • pathology of primary intracranial malignant neoplasms, Stephen W. Coons and Peter C. Johnson
  • pediatric brain tumors - classification, Floyd H. Gilles
  • brain tumors - anatomic considerations, Ziya L. Gokaslan and Raymond E. Sawaya
  • molecular genetic events in some primary human brain tumors, Henry H. Schmidek
  • clinical presentation of the brain tumor patient, Diana L. Kraemer and Dennis E. Bullard
  • the radiology of brain tumors - general considerations and neoplasms of the posterior fossa, Solomon Batnitzky and Donald A. Eckard
  • the radiology of brain tumors - supratentorial neoplasms, Solomon Batnitzky and Donald A. Eckard
  • the preoperative and postoperative management of the brain tumor patient, Roberta P. Glick et al
  • tumors of the pituitary gland, Daniel L. Barrow and George T. Tindall
  • the management of the patient with a low-grade cerebral astrocytoma, Robert A. Morantz
  • surgery for malignant gliomas, Michael Salcman
  • surgery of benign brain tumors, Byron Young
  • surgery of cranial base tumors, Gail L. Rosseau and Laligam N. Sekhar
  • stereotactic surgery in the diagnosis and treatment of brain tumors, Nayef R.F. Al-Rodhan and Patrick J. Kelly
  • primary central nervous system lymphoma, James Baumgartner et al
  • tumors associated with the phakomatoses, Ronald E. Warnick
  • brain metastases, Alex J. Tikhtman and Roy A. Patchell
  • pediatric brain tumors - classification, presentation, and radiology, Mark J. Kotapka and Luis Schut
  • management of pediatric brain tumors, Jeffrey H. Wisoff and Fred J. Epstein
  • radiotherapy of brain tumors - basic principles, Bruce F. Kimler
  • the role of radiation therapy in the treatment of adult brain tumors, Richard G. Evans
  • the role of radiation therapy in the treatment of brain tumors in children, Richard G. Evans
  • interstitial radiation therapy of brain tumors, Penny K. Sneed and Philip H. Gutin
  • stereotactic radiosurgery, John W. Walsh
  • chemotherapy of brain tumors - fundamental principles, William C. Welch and Paul L. Kornblith
  • chemotherapy of brain tumors - clinical aspects, Kym L. Chandler and Michael D. Prados
  • chemotherapy of pediatric brain tumors, Arnold I. Freeman
  • chemotherapy of brain tumors - innovative approaches, Mary Katherine Gumerlock and Edward A. Neuwelt
  • immunology and immunotherapy of brain tumors, Frank P. Holladay et al
  • prognostic factors in patients with brain tumors, Barton L. Guthrie and Edward R. Laws
  • the psychological care of the brain tumor patient and family, Peggy Ward Smith and James G. Lemons.

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