New perspectives on industrial disputes


New perspectives on industrial disputes

edited by David Metcalf and Simon Milner

Routledge, 1993

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The nature and extent of industrial disputes in the UK changed radically in the 1980s. This volume provides new analyses of industrial disputes, using the most current research. It assesses the respective roles of union organization and management in generating, deterring and winning or losing disputes. Diverse methods of analysis are brought to bear on such issues as dispute deterrence, merits of the labour laws in the 1980's and arbitration in the UK and North America. Consequences of disputes are also evaluated, using UK evidence on pay and labour costs from both a large-scale survey and from case studies. The focus of the material is on the UK but the book also draws on comparative evidence from North America. David Metcalf is one of the UK's leading experts on collective bargaining, strikes and trade unions. Simon Milner is an emerging authority on industrial disputes with particular experise in the impact and use of arbitration.


1. New Perspectives on Industrial Disputes, David Metcalfe and Simon Milner, 2. Industrial Relations in Greenfield Sites, David Guest and Patrice Rosenthal, 3. Managing Without the Closed Shop, Stephen Dunn and Martyn Wright, 4. Multiple Unionism, Fragmented Bargaining and Economic Outcomes in Unionized UK Establishments, Stephen Machin, Mark Stewart and John Van Reenen, 5. The Impact of the Law on Industrial Disputes in the 1980s, Jane Elgar and Bob Simpson, 6. An Economic Analysis of the Effects of Pre-Strike Ballots, Alan Manning, 7. Dispute Deterrence: Evidence on Final-Offer Arbitration, Simon Milner, 8. North American Research on Interest Arbitration, Craig Olson, 9. Do Strikes Pay? David Metcalfe, Jonathan Wadsworth and Peter Ingram, 10.The Shorter Working Week in Engineering: Surrender without Sacrafice? Ray Richardson and Marcus Rubin. Appendix - A Century of UK Strike Activity: An Alternative Perspective, Simon Milner and David Metcalfe.

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