Hypoglycaemia and diabetes : clinical and physiological aspects


Hypoglycaemia and diabetes : clinical and physiological aspects

edited by Brian M. Frier and B. Miles Fisher

Edward Arnold, c1993

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Hypoglycaemia is not only the commonest side-effect of insulin therapy, but is also the one which diabetics fear most. Its management is notoriously difficult and its frequency is greatly underestimated. Although mortalities arising directly from hypoglycaemia are relatively low (3-4% of deaths amongst diabetics), its effect on the vascular system precipitates strokes and heart attacks and also contributes to the complications which make diabetics so dangerous. This book covers the pathology of the disorder, its direct management and the implications of hypoglycaemic-induced morbidity.


Historical perspective Basil F Clarke. Glucose metabolism and mechanisms of insulin action Susan V Gelding, Desmond G Johnston. Glucose counter-regulation: The physiological mechanisms that prevent or correct hypoglycaemia Philip E Cryer. Effects of glucose deprivation on glucose metabolism in the central nervous system Anthony L McCall. Neurophysiological changes of hypoglycaemia Inger Bendtson. Effects of hypoglycaemia on cognitive function Ian I Deary. Symptoms of hypoglycaemia David A Hepburn. Stimulation of the autonomic nervous system Christian Berne, Ian Fagius. Endocrine changes during insulin-induced hypoglycaemia Christopher J Thompsonl, Peter H Baylis. Cutaneous blood flow, sweating, tremor and temperature regulation in hypoglycaemia Ian A MacDonald, D G Maggs. Haemodynamic responses and functional changes in major organs Brian M Frier, B Miles Fisher. Peripheral blood, haemostasis and haemorheology B Miles Fisher, Brian M Frier. Methods of investigation of insulin-induced hypoglycaemia Robert J Heine. Frequency and causes of hypoglycaemia Robert B Tattersall. Mortality Edwin A M Gale, Robert B Tattersall. Nocturnal hypoglycaemia Jonathan Thow, Philip D Home. Treatment of hypoglycaemia Angus E MacCuish. Clinical investigation of the diabetic patient with hypoglycaemia F John Service. Hypoglycaemia in diabetic children Albert S Aynsley-Greenl, Janet A Eyre, Gynla Soltesz. Hypoglycaemia and diabetic pregnancy Judith M Steel. Counter-regulatory failure John E Gerich, Germia B Bolli. Classical autonomic neuropathy and denervation Jannik Hilsted. Hypoglycaemia-associated autonomic failure Philip E Cryer. Hypoglycaemia and human insulin B Miles Fisher, Brian M Frier. Drugs and alcohol David Kerr. Neurophysiological manifestations of hypoglycaemia Per-Eric Lins, Llif Adamson. Effect on vascular disease B Miles Fisher, Brian M Frier. Socioeconomic problems of hypoglycaemia Geoff Gill. Forensic aspects of hypoglycaemia Vincent Marks. Hypoglycaemia and criminal responsibility Gerald Maher, Brian M Frier. Sulphonylureas Ian W Campbell. Hypoglycaemia and Type 2 diabetes: Insulin therapy Simon R Heller.

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