Bilingualism and national development



Bilingualism and national development

edited by Gary M. Jones and A. Conrad K. Ozóg

Multilingual Matters, c1993

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"This special issue of the Journal of multilingual & multicultural development contains a selection of papers from the conference Bilingualism and National Development (BAND91) which was held at the University of Brunei Darussalam in Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei Darussalam from December 9th to 12th, 1991"--Introd

Includes bibliographical references



Based on a conference held in Brunei in December in 1991 on bilingualism and national development, this book features papers from different parts of the globe, and from both the developed and developing world. They show how greatly the role of bilingualism varies in the development of the nation.


  • An overview of language and development, Andrew Gonzalez
  • implementing bilingualism - Brunei in perspective, John Edwards
  • multilingualism and bilingual education in Brunei Darrussalam, Gary M. Jones, et al
  • bilingualism and national development in Malayasia, A. Conrad K. Ozog
  • two tongue tied - bilingualism in Singapore, Anne Pakir
  • how not to embark on a bilingual education policy in a developing nation - the case of Nigeria, James Oladejo
  • European models of bilingual education - practice, theory and development, Hugo Baetens Beardsmore
  • fostering bilingualism and national development through school second language study, Richard B. Baldauf Jr
  • planning English language acquisition in ESL and EFL socities - development and maintenance of languages and cultures, Bjorn H. Jernudd
  • the hegemony of English in science and technology, Robert B. Kaplan.

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