The Oxford illustrated history of Roman Britain


The Oxford illustrated history of Roman Britain

Peter Salway

Oxford University Press, 1993

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Bibliography: p. [531]-538

Includes index



This illustrated book presents a history of Roman Britain for the general reader. The narrative starts before the invasions of Julius Caesar, and finishes in the 5th century AD, with the end of Roman rule and the subsequent collapse of society in Britain. Based on the latest research, the book examines every aspect of life in Roman Britain, from the first Roman contacts, through the conquest, the Imperial crisis and recovery, to Britain and the world in the fifth century. In addition to the chronological narrative, there are separate thematic chapters on the economy, religion and society, and the historical geography of town and country - all seen in the context of the wider Roman world. The conflicts, settlements, emperors and personalities of Roman Britain are all depicted. As well as showing the classic examples of Romano-British archaeology, there are illustrations of recent discoveries never before published. Peter Salway is the author of "Roman Britain".


  • Part 1 The first Roman contacts: the British background
  • the expeditions of Caesar
  • from Caesar to Claudius. Part 2 The Roman conquest: the Claudian invasion
  • resistance and revolt
  • recovery and advance
  • Hadrianic Britain
  • the Antonine frontier. Part 3 Imperial crisis and recovery: Marcus Aurelius and Commodus
  • civil war and its aftermath
  • from Caracalla to Diocletian
  • the Tetrarchy
  • Constantine the Great
  • the middle of the 4th century
  • the restoration of order. Part 4 The end of Roman Britain: the collapse of imperial rule in Britain
  • postscript to Roman Britain. Part 5 Britain under Roman rule: the assimilation of Britain
  • the historical geography of Roman Britain
  • town and country
  • the economy
  • religion and society.

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