The writer's mind : making writing make sense


The writer's mind : making writing make sense

Michael Adams

University Press of America, 1993

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Originally published: Glenview, Ill. : Scott, Foresman, c1984

Includes index



This book gives students a series of principles to look for in prose, so that they, possibly for the first time, can begin to see what makes writing effective and what makes it cumbersome and unclear; by editing with these principles in mind, the students on the very first day are doing something with their own prose. Quick-reading, concise segments present the skills needed to write efficient and effective prose. Students quickly learn how to write with clarity, grace and freshness, and how to write feeling, seeing, and reasoning. Many samples of prose are used to illustrate the principles discussed in the text, and writing and editing exercises provide useful practice. Reprinted from the 1984 Scott, Foresman and Company edition.

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