Androtion and the Atthis : the fragments translated with introduction and commentary



Androtion and the Atthis : the fragments translated with introduction and commentary

by Phillip Harding

(Clarendon ancient history series)

Clarendon Press , Oxford University Press, 1994

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Bibliography: p. [198]-208

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"Atthis" was the name given to the local history of Attica. This genre of historiography was invented in the 5th century by Hellanikos of Lesbos. Written in chronicle form, based upon kings and archons, it covered all aspects of Attic affairs from their mythical beginnings to the contemporary history of the individual author. It was a fascinating blend of patriotic fiction and historical fact. Though there were at least seven men who wrote "Atthides", none of their works has survived intact. This volume presents in translation for the first time all the fragments of the "Atthis" of the 4th-century Athenian politician and historian, Androtion, and the "testimonia" for his life and career. Androtion was one of the most respected Atthidographers. His work was the basis of the "Atthis" of Philochoros, the last and greatest product of this genre. Androtion's "Atthis" was also a source for Aristotle's "Constitution of the Athenians", though not, it is argued, to the extent and in the manner usually believed. The genre and the individual Atthidographers, and Androtion and his career are discussed in the introduction. The individual fragments are analyzed in detail in the commentary. Throughout, particular attention is devoted to Jacoby's theory of the political bias of the Atthidographers, which is shown to be unfounded.


  • Title
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  • Atthidographers
  • sources and influences
  • character of the "Atthis"
  • relationship of Androtion's "Atthis" to other works. Testimonia. Translation (text).

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