The changing environment of international financial markets : issues and analysis


The changing environment of international financial markets : issues and analysis

edited by Dilip K. Ghosh and Edgar Ortiz

Macmillan , St. Martin's Press, 1994

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This edited collection examines the emerging issues arising from increasingly globalized financial markets. Topics covered include: the exchange of rate market, equilibrium and efficiency, inflation and interest rates, capital movements, the balance of payments and international reserves, foreign debt, country risk analysis, currency market arbitrage and speculative designs under market imperfection, international tax issues and trade liberalization and offshore banking.


  • Preface - Notes on the Contributors - PART 1: INTRODUCTION - Introduction
  • D.K.Ghosh & E.Ortiz - PART 2: EXCHANGE RATES MARKETS - Foreign Exchange Market Efficiency: A Look at London
  • J.P.Lajaunie, B.L.McManis & A.Naka - Freedom of Free Floating Exchange Rate: Empirical Analysis of Currency Fluctuation Patterns
  • M.A.Hashmi - PART 3: INTERNATIONAL INTEREST RATES - Statistical Analytical of Eurocurrency and Treasury Interest Rates from 1975 to 1991
  • C.Maxwell & L.Guin - A Cross-Country Comparison of Consumer Discount Rates
  • W.V.Weber, J.K.William & M.J.Morey - Interest Rate Parity, Covered Interest Arbitrage and Speculation under Market Imperfection
  • D.K.Ghosh - PART 4: BALANCE OF PAYMENTS AND INTERNATIONAL RESERVES - An Empirical Test on the Demand for International Reserves
  • A.N.Islam, M.Khan & M.M.Islam - The United States Current Account Deficit and Net Capital Inflow
  • E.Y.Lee & M.Szenberg - Balance of Payments Implications of the USSR for its Former Republics and the East European Countries
  • M.R.Zaman - PART 5: FOREIGN DEBT AND COUNTRY RISK ANALYSIS - Foreign Exchange Dynamics, Debt, and the Peso Problem
  • D.K.Ghosh - International Lending and Sovereign Debt in the Presence of Agency Costs: The Case of Mexico State University C.A.Erickson & E.Willman - A New Look at Country Risk Analysis: An Analytical Approach to Judgmental Risk Scoring
  • R.S.Koundinya - Political Risk in Latin American Stock Markets: A Rational Expectations Approach
  • B.Charmichael, J-C.Cosset & K.P.Fischer - PART 6: CAPITAL MARKETS - A Real Return Test of International Market Efficiency
  • S.Khaksari & N.Seitz - Risk Management and Corporate Governance in Imperfect Capital Markets
  • K.P.Fischer, E.Ortiz & A.P.Palasvirta - Structural Changes in the Korean Financial Market
  • J.Poznanska - An Analysis of Equity Markets of Quotation Systems
  • G.Duteil & A.Mulugetta - PART 7: TAXES, DISTORTIONS AND INTERNATIONAL BANKING - Economic Integration and Mexican Municipal Finances
  • A.Cabello - Optimum Distortions in Closed and Open Economies: Some Aspects of the Theory of Second Best
  • D.K.Ghosh & S.Ghosh - Socio-History of French Banks and Banking: Role Model for Global Banking
  • I.Finel-Honigman - Offshore Banking Centers: Prospects and Issues
  • E.N.Roussakis, K.Dandapani & A.J.Prakash - Index

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