The Catholic reformation : council, churchmen, controversies


The Catholic reformation : council, churchmen, controversies

Nelson H. Minnich

(Collected studies series, CS403)

Variorum, c1993

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This volume opens with four studies on the Fifth Lateran Council, to complement those in Professor Minnich's other volume. They focus on how the council functioned, including its relations with the Eastern churches, and how it was received, given that the poor implementation of its decrees led to its validity as a legitmate council being questioned. Erasmus was one of the most notable of those who rejected it, and the final part of this book deals with this, with his engagement in the debate over images, and with his personality. In the middle section, again making full use of new documentary material, the author provides studies of several important churchmen and controversies, among them the figure of Alexios Celadenus, disciple of Bessarion and the most important Greek at Lateran V, and the origins of Eck's "Enchiridion".


  • Paride de Grassi's diary of the Fifth Lateran Council
  • the orator of Jerusalem at Lateran V
  • the function of sacred scripture in the decrees of the Fifth Lateran Council (1512-17)
  • Incipiat iudicium a domo Domini - the Fifth Lateran Council and the reform of Rome
  • the autobiography Antonio degli Agli (circa 1400-77), humanist and prelate
  • Alexios Celadenus - a disciple of Bessarion in renaissance Italy
  • vocational choices - an unknown letter of Pietro Querini to Gasparo Contarini and Niccolo Tiepolo (April 1512)
  • on the origins of Eck's Enchiridion
  • the character of Erasmus
  • Erasmus and the Fifth Lateran Council (1512-17)
  • the debate between Desiderius Erasmus of Rotterdam and Alberto Pio of Carpi on the use of sacred images.

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