The attraction of gravitation : new studies in the history of general relativity


The attraction of gravitation : new studies in the history of general relativity

John Earman, Michel Janssen, John D. Norton, editors

(Einstein studies / editors, Don Howard, John Stachel, v. 5)

Birkhäuser, c1993

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Includes bibliographical references and index



Devoted to the history of general relativity, this text provides reviews from scholars all over the world. Many of the papers originated at the Third International Conference on the History of General Relativity, held at the University of Pittsburgh in the summer of 1991. Topics covered include: disputes with Einstein; the empirical basis of general relativity; variational principles in general relativity; the reception and development of general relativity; and cosmology and general relativity.


  • PART 1 DISPUTES WITH EINSTEIN: Einstein and Nordstrom - Some Lesser Known Thought Experiments in Gravitation, John D. Norton
  • Out of the Labyrinth? Einstein, Hertz, and the Gottingen Answer to the Hole Argument, Don Howard and John Norton
  • Conservation Laws and Gravitational Waves in General Relativity (1915-1918), Carlo Cattani and Michelangelo De Maria
  • The General Relativistic Two-Body Problem and the Einstein-Silberstein Controversy, Peter Havas. PART 2 THE EMPIRICAL BASIS OF GENERAL RELATIVITY: Einstein's Explanation of the Motion of Mercury's Perihelion, John Eannan and Michel Janssen
  • Pieter Zeeman's Experiments on the Equality of Inertial and Gravitational Mass, A. J. Kox. PART 3 VARIATIONAL PRINCIPLES IN GENERAL RELATIVITY: Variational Derivations of Einstein's Equations, S. Kichenassamy
  • Levi-Civita's Influence on Palatini's Contribution to General Relativity, Carlo Cattani. PART 4 THE RECEPTION AND DEVELOPMENT OF GENERAL RELATIVITY: The American Contribution the the Theory of Differential Invariants, Katin Reich
  • The Reaction to Relativity Theory in Germany III - Hundred Authors Against Einstein, Hubert Goenner
  • Attempts at Unified Field Theories (1919-1955). Alleged Failure and Intrinsic Validation/Refutation Criteria, Silvio Bergia
  • Vladimir Fock - Philosophy of Gravity and Gravity of Philosophy, Gennady Gorelik
  • S. Chandrasekhar's Contributions to General Relativity, Kameshwar C. Wali. PART 5 COSMOLOGY AND GENERAL RELATIVITY: Lemaitre and the Schwarzschild Solution, Jean Eisenstaedt
  • E. A. Milne and the Origins of Modern Cosmology - An Essential Presence, John Urani and George Gale.

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