Portugal and EC membership evaluated


Portugal and EC membership evaluated

edited by José da Silva Lopes

(EC membership evaluated series)

Pinter Publishers , St. Martin's Press, 1993

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Includes bibliographical references and index



Within the context of each member state's national interests, the titles in this series analyze the implementation of EC policy in four areas - economic policy, political and legal policy, social and cultural policy and the future of European integration. This title examines Portugal, which together with Greece is one of the poorer member states, though it is argued here that it is doubtful that the Portuguese economy would have been better sustained outside the Community.


  • Part 1 Political aspects: the Portuguese political system and the European communities - an interaction model, L. Salgado de Matos
  • political costs and benefits of membership in the EC, Jose Medeiros Ferreira
  • image, identity and benefits from the membership in the EC, Mario Bacalhau
  • continuity and discontinuity after the 1974 revolution, Manuel Lucena. Part 2 Economic aspects: the development of the Portuguese economy in the context of the EC, A. Marques Mendes
  • the agricultural sector and the EEC, Francisco Avilez
  • the manufacturing industries and the EEC, Anibal Santoz
  • the energy/sector, Sidonio Pais
  • the sectors of transport and communications, Machado Rodriques
  • external trade, Pedro Ordaz
  • Portugal and the financial integration in the EC, J. Silva Lopez
  • regional development and regional policies, Maria do Ceu Esteves
  • Portuguese research and technological development, Joao Caraca
  • taxation policy, H. Medina Carreira
  • taxation sovereignty and external constraints, Jose Luis Saldanha Sanches. Part 3 Social aspects: general aspects of social policy, Manuela Silva
  • income distribution and wages, J. Pereirinha
  • employment and professional training, M.E. Riberiro
  • social security, F. Maia
  • health, M. Rosario Giraldes
  • levels of living - poverty, A. Bruto da Costa. Part 4 Cultural aspects: cultural education, Mario Baptista Coelho.

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