Turkey's new geopolitics : from the Balkans to Western China


Turkey's new geopolitics : from the Balkans to Western China

Graham E. Fuller and Ian O. Lesser ; with Paul B. Henze and J.F. Brown

Westview Press, c1993

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"A Rand study."

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ISBN 9780813386591


In recent years, the Turkish state has moved away from a rigid, centralized economy, towards a free market system that has assisted its economic growth. Turkish democracy has also grown in strength - the press is freer and political debate more real. In this book, the authors examine Turkey's recent economic and political development alongside its increasingly powerful ties with the Muslim world, and argue that the country is now ideally positioned to play an influential role on the international stage. The book offers a forward look at the new geopolitical order of Europe and Asia and analyzes Turkey's influence in Central Asia, the Balkan states, the Caucasus and the Black Sea.


  • Turkey's new eastern orientation
  • Turkey and the West in a new strategic environment
  • Turkey in the Balkans - a revised prescence
  • Turkey - toward the 21st century
  • from Eastern Europe to western China.

: pbk ISBN 9780813386607


With the astonishing transformations in the geopolitics of the world since the collapse of the Soviet Union, Turkey has been profoundly affected by the changes on its periphery. For the first time since the beginning of the century, a Turkic world has blossomed, giving Turkey potential new foreign policy clout from the Balkans across the Caucasus and into Central Asia and Western China. These geopolitical opportunities have dramatically changed the character of Turkey itself, once an isolationist, Eurocentered NATO ally. At the same time, Turkey has undergone an internal evolution over the last decade, making it an attractive model of Middle Eastern development because of its increasingly free market, democratic governance, and secularist outlook. This book explores the character of the new Turkey, assessing its foreign policy options and interpreting the significance of those choices for the Middle East, Central Asia, Europe, and the United States.


* Foreword Ambassador Morton Abramowitz. * Turkey: Toward the Twenty-First Century Paul B. Henze. * Turkeys New Eastern Orientation Graham E. Fuller. * Bridge or Barrier? Turkey and the West After the Cold War Ian O. Lesser. * Turkey: Back to the Balkans? J. F. Brown. * Conclusions: The Growing Role of Turkey in the World G. E. Fuller.

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