Global manufacturing practices : a worldwide survey of practices in production planning and control



Global manufacturing practices : a worldwide survey of practices in production planning and control

edited by D. Clay Whybark, Gyula Vastag

(Manufacturing research and technology, 17)

Elsevier, 1993, c1992

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This volume contains 32 research papers and a data base diskette compiling a worldwide survey of manufacturing practices. The papers provide insights into the differences in manufacturing practice that exist around the world. Thnrough an understanding of manufacturing practice differences, co-operation can be improved considerably between researchers, companies and nations. With the publication of this book, the data can now be made generally available, creating the opportunity for substantially increased involvement in the research. The papers have been included both for their content and to provide ideas for future research. As more people have become involved with the data, the quality and variety of questions, analytical techniques and insights have expanded. Much of that variety is included here. Similarly, approaches to using the data have improved as researchers have shared ideas, provided insights and gained experience with the data base. Thus these papers not only provide examples of approaches to the data, but should stimulate new and better ways of using the data in the future. The papers in most of the sections have a clear research focus. The appendix has information on the data base diskette that is distributed with this book. The diskette also contains a utility program for viewing and modifying the data. A brief explanationn of that program is also provided.


  • Part 1 Initiating the project: a worldwide survey of manufacturing practices, D. Clay Whybard and Boo-ho Rho. Part 2 Within country studies: textile industry practices in Australia, A.S. Sohal and D. Samson
  • manufacturing practices in Chile, A.E. Kovacevic, et al
  • manufacturing practices in mexico - an example fo the non-fashion textile and machine tool industries, B.E. Flores, et al
  • materials mangement practices of Finnish manufacturing companies, A. Lehtimaki
  • manufacturing practices in Korea, Boo-ho Rho, and D. Clay Whybark
  • changes in Hungarian manufacturing strategies, K. Demeter
  • manufacturing management practices in Bulgaria under conditions of a centrally planned economy, P. Dimitrov and D. Clay Whybark
  • manufacturing practices in the Soviet Union, A. Ardishvili and A.V. Hill. Part 3 Between region comparisons: comparing manfacturing practices in PR China and South Korea, Boo-ho Rho and D. Clay Whybark
  • reducing the gap in manufacturing practices between North America and PR China, G. Vastag and D. Clay Whybark
  • compaaring manfacturing planning and control practices in Eujrope and Korea, Boo-ho Rho and D. Clay Whybark
  • comparing manufacturing practices in North America and Western Europe - are there any surprises?, G. Vastag and D. Cloay Whybark
  • a ccomparison of logistics management in Hunhgary, China, Korea and Japan, R.B. Handfield and B. Withers
  • global manufacturing practices and strategies - a study of two industries, S.T. Young, et al
  • cross-national comparison of production-inventory management practices, A. Chikan and D. Clay Whybark. Part 4 Studies of other relationships: global relations between inventory manfacturing lead time and delivery date promises, G. Vastag and D. Clay Whybark
  • statistical inventory control in theory and practice, C.P. McLaughlin, et al
  • determinants of manfacturing delivery reliability - a global assessment, K. Brown and G. Vastag
  • a DEA analysis of sales output and comparison of manfacturing practices in PR China, Hungary and the United States, Xiao Cheng Zhong and D. Clay Whybark
  • a comparison of the relative productivity in th emachine tool industry for the US and Japan, J.G. Waccker
  • are customers linked to manufacturing?, D. Clay Whybark
  • manfacturing practices in a transition economy, Attila Chikan and K. Demeter. Part 5 Technical considerations. Part 6 Comprehensive comparisons. Part 7 Future activities. Part contents.

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