Handbook of expert systems applications in manufacturing : structures and rules


Handbook of expert systems applications in manufacturing : structures and rules

edited by A. Mital and S. Anand

Chapman & Hall, c1994

1st ed

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Includes bibliographical references and index



Artificial Intelligence (AI) is playing an increasing role in production and manufacturing engineering. Since a great deal of manufacturing knowledge can be put in the form of rules, expert systems have emerged as a promising practical tool of AI for solving engineering problems. Expert systems allow knowledge to be used for constructing human-machine systems that have specialized methods and techniques for solving problems in practical application areas. This book contains the structure and rules for 15 expert systems dealing with various aspects of production and manufacturing engineering. Topics covered range from casting design evaluation through to quality control. All expert systems included are accompanied by description of their structure and the rules are included on floppy disc in ASCII that can be readily accessed. These expert systems are generic in nature and readers should find it possible to modify these expert systems for their own specific applications.


  • An introduction to expert systems in production and manufacturing engineering - the structure, development process, and applications, Tsuang Kuo, et al
  • OR/AI rules for the optimal design of manufacturing systems - machine and traffic allocation, Mario van Vliet
  • a common skeletal framework for knowledge-based solutions to a representative set of manufacturing problems, M. Marefat and P. Banerjee
  • a general purpose knowledge-based system and its application to design problems, Setsuo Ohsuga and Jiebo Guan
  • a knowledge-based system for selection of resource allocation rules and algorithms, Gursel A. Suer and Cihan H. Dagli
  • an intelligent shop management system for production supervision, Gary P. Moynihan
  • intelligent systems for conceptual design of mechanical products, Qun Wang, et al
  • knowledge-based surface treatment and coating selection in product design, Chanan S. Syan
  • expert system for casting design evaluation, I.C. You, Chu and R.L. Kashyap
  • expert system approaches to the selection of materials handling and transfer equipment, Jacob Rubinovitz and Reuven Karni
  • a knowledge-based system for scheduling in a flexible manufacturing system, Suranjan De and Anita Lee
  • "optimal" rule-switching for flow shops with random workloads, James C. Chen and Arne Thesen
  • an expert system approach to surface mount pick-and-place machine selection, Chung-Yu Liu, et al
  • FIXPERT - a rule based system for workholding device selection of rotational parts, B. Bidanda, et al
  • learning in robotic task planning, Nina M. Berry and Soundar R.T Kumara
  • an expert system with external optimization module for quality control decisions, Alice E. Smith and Cihan H. Dagli.

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