Liquid crystalline polymers : proceedings of the International Workshop on Liquid Crystalline Polymers, WLCP 93, Capri, Italy, June 1-4 1993


Liquid crystalline polymers : proceedings of the International Workshop on Liquid Crystalline Polymers, WLCP 93, Capri, Italy, June 1-4 1993

edited by C. Carfagna

Pergamon Press, 1994

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The international Workshop on Liquid Crystalline Polymers (LCPS) held in June 1993 in Italy attracted many of the leading researchers in this area of polymer science. The meeting provided a forum for the exchange of research and ideas on current developments and future research and applications of liquid crystalline polymers. This volume consists of a selection of the best papers presented at the meeting covering synthesis and characterization, liquid crystalline thermosets, rheolocy, blends and composites containing LCPS and transport properties.


Liquid Crystalline Polymers: Synthesis and Characterization. Liquid-crystalline properties of comb-like polymers prepared by homo and copolymerization with styrene of liposaccharidic monomers (B. Gallot). Synthesis and characterization of a series of new liquid crystalline copolyesters containing biphenyl-ester sulfone (Y. Ni et al.). Molecular structure refinement of a main-chain thermotropic polyester containing a 2-Phenyl-Benzoxazole unit by means of the fiber whole-pattern method (R. Centore, P. lannelli). Characterization of cooperative dynamics of liquid crystalline polyesters by dielectric relaxation analysis (M. Mucha). Acid-base characteristics of some thermotropic liquid crystal polymers (U. Panzer, H.P. Schreiber). Synthesis and properties of block copolymers with polystyrene and liquid crystalline polyester blocks (M.C. Bignozzi et al). Liquid Crystalline Thermosets. Liquid crystalline epoxy resins (C. Carfagna et al.). Molecular composites from liquid crystalline polymers and liquid crystalline thermosets (B.C. Benicewicz et al.). Rheology of Liquid. Crystalline Polymers. Stability analysis and texture formation (A. Holz). LCP defect dynamics in shear flows (G. Marrucci, P.L. Maffettone). Rheological properties of Poly-p-phenylenetherephthalamideIH2SO4 solutions (D.G. Baird). Shear flows of LC polymers: reanalysis of some literature data within a new theoretical framework (C.R. Leal et al.). Theory of the shear rate dependence of viscosity and normal stress differences in nematic LC polymers (A.F. Martins). Blends and Composites Containing Liquid Crystalline Polymers. Micro-composites by in-situ formation of LCP (N. Ogata). Thermotropic unidirectional CF/LCP composites and related processing methods (E. Suokas et al.). Ethyl-cyanoethyl cellulose/polyacrylic acid composites with cholesteric order (Y. Huang, S.H. Jianc,). Effect of viscosity ratio and blending conditions on the morphology of LCPIPP blends (M.T. Heino et al.). Influence of mixing conditions on the morphology and on the dynamic-mechanical behaviour of the PET/RODRUN 3000 system (L. Incamato et al.). Transport Properties of Liquid Crystalline Polymers. Gas transport in liquid crystalline polymers (D.H. Weinkauf. D.R. Paul). The influence of thermal annealing on organic vapor sorption and transport in a nematogenic copolyester (G.R. Cantrell et al.).

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