Hacker crackdown : law and disorder on the electronic frontier


Hacker crackdown : law and disorder on the electronic frontier

Bruce Sterling

(Penguin books)

Penguin, 1994

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The American long-distance telephone network crashes, and millions of calls go unanswered. A computer hacker reprogrammes a switching station, and calls to a Florida probation office are shunted to a New York telephone-sex hotline. An underground computer bulletin board publishes a pilfered document on the 911 emergency system, making it available to anyone who dials. How did so much illicit power reach the hands of an undisciplined few - and what should be done about it? This book is about the electronic frontier of the 1990s. It concerns activities that take place inside computers and over telephone lines - "cyberspace". By the author of "Involution Ocean" and "The Artificial Kid" and the co-author of "The Difference Engine".


CHRONOLOGY OF THE HACKER CRACKDOWN. INTRODUCTION. PART 1: CRASHING THE SYSTEM. A Brief History of Telephony. Bell's Golden Vapourware. Universal Service. Wild Boys and Wire Women. The Electronic Communities. The Ungentle Giant. The Breakup. In Defense of the System. The Crash Post-mortem. Landslides in Cyberspace. PART 2: THE DIGITAL UNDERGROUND. Steal This Phone. Phreaking and Hacking. The View from Under the Floorboards. Boards: Core of the Underground. Phile Phun. The Rake's Progress. Strongholds of the Elite. Sting Boards. Hot Potatoes. War on the Legion. Terminus. Phile 9-1-1. War Games. Real Cyberpunk. PART 3: LAW AND ORDER. Crooked Boards. The World's Biggest Hacker Bust. Teach Them a Lesson. The U.S. Secret Service. The Secret Service Battles the Boodlers. A Walk Down town. FCIC: The Cutting-Edge Mess. Cyperspace Rangers. FLETC: Training the Hacker-Trackers. PART 4: THE CIVIL LIBERTARIANS. NuPrometheus + FBI = Grateful Dead. Whole Earth + Computer Revolution = WELL. Phiber Runs Underground and Acid Spikes the Well. The Trial of Knight Lightning. Shadowhawk Plummets to Earth. Kyrie in the Confessional. $79,449. A Scholar Investigates. Computers, Freedom, and Privacy. INDEX.

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