Practical handbook of disturbed land revegetation


Practical handbook of disturbed land revegetation

Frank F. Munshower

Lewis Publishers, c1994


Disturbed land revegetation

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Includes bibliographical references and index



This crucial reference focuses on the growth of vegetation on disturbed lands, specifically the problems of plant seeding and growth and the ecological consequences of that growth. This one-of-a-kind book covers the spectrum of plant development, including the creation of an acceptable rooting medium and seeding or planting, and discusses practices to enhance diversity and usefulness of the plant community. This handbook gives detailed examples of how to rehabilitate and restore damaged land and, in most cases, mined land. The book focuses on the complete restoration of soil, water, vegetation, and wildlife. It provides a thorough introduction to the science behind the practice and follows with practical examples. A complete, detailed list of genera and species to expedite restoration is also included.


Soil Parameters That Directly Affect Plant Establishment and Development on Disturbed Lands. Plant and Soil Elemental Chemistry. Site Preparation. Seeding and Planting. Special Reclamation Practices to Enhance Vegetation Diversity and Usefulness. Applied Revegetation Techniques for Common Disturbances. Appendix: Plant Species Commonly Used in Revegetation Programs. Index.

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