Methods in behavioral pharmacology


Methods in behavioral pharmacology

editor, Frans van Haaren

(Techniques in the behavioral and neural sciences, v. 10)

Elsevier, 1993

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"Methods in Behavioral Pharmacology" offers a complete description and critical evaluation of most, if not all, methods available to study the effects of drugs on behaviour. It is not limited to the analysis of a particular class of pharmacological agents in a limited number of paradigms. "Methods in Behavioral Pharmacology" covers all paradigms without reference to specific pharmacological compounds. The book provides a comprehensive overview of the methodology used to study the behavioural effects of legal and illegal drugs. It also provides an in-depth presentation of dependent variables, their quantification and a critical evaluation of their advantages and disadvantages.


Chapter 1. The use of animal models in behavioural pharmacology (M.A. Ellenberger). 2. Psychotropic screening procedures (R.D. Porsolt, R.A. McArthur, A. Lenegre). 3. Classical conditioning (C.W. Schindler). 4. Schedule-controlled behaviour: positive reinforcement (F. van Haaren). 5. Schedule-controlled behaviour: negative reinforcement (S.I. Dworkin, R.C. Pitts, M. Galizio). 6. Drugs and stimulus control: generalization, discrimination and threshold procedures (M.J. Picker, S. Stevens Negus). 7. Complex and delayed discriminations: automated repeated measures techniques (M.J. Pontecorvo, D.B. Clissold). 8. Mazes: their use in delayed conditional discriminations and place discriminations (D.S. Olton, A.J. Markowska). 9. Drug discrimination (I.P. Stolerman). 10. State-dependent learning (A. Poling, J. Cross). 11. Drug self-administration (R.A. Meisch, G.A. Lemaire). 12. Schedule-induced drug self-administration (J.L. Falk). 13. Behavioural factors in drug tolerance (M.N. Branch). 14. Pavlovian drug conditioning (C.L. Cunningham). 15. Electrical brain stimulation reward: a model of drug reward and euphoria (M.J. Lewis). 16. Animal models of stress in pharmacology (W.P. Pare, G.B. Glavin). 17. Conflict behaviours as animal models for the study of anxiety (R.L. Commissaris). 18. Methods in the human behavioural pharmacology of drug abuse (S.T. Higgins, W.K. Bickel. J.R. Hughes). 19. Locomotor activity and exploration (A.E. Kelley). 20. Stereotyped behaviour (B.A. Ellenbroek, A.R. Cools). 21. Methods in behavioural pharmacology: measurement of aggression (E.D. Kemble, D.C. Blanchard, R.J. Blanchard). 22. The behavioural pharmacology of ingestive behaviour (N.E. Rowland). 23. The behavioural pharmacology of sleep (G. van Luijtelaar, A. Coenen). 24. Reproductive behaviour in behavioural pharmacology (K. Larsson, S. Ahlenius). 25. Experimental design and data analysis in behavioural pharmacology (J. Krauth).

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