Malthus and the population controversy 1803-1830


Malthus and the population controversy 1803-1830

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No book in the history of British economic thought has caused a more heated and lasting controversy than Thomas Malthus' An Essay on the Principle of Population. So provocative was it deemed upon publication in 1798, that Malthus dramatically altered its tone for the second edition of 1803. The impact of his orignal ideas was, however, still so strong that the controversy continued to rage for the next thirty years and beyond. This set contains the wide breadth of responses that met Malthus' work, focusing on several aspects of the debate: from the claim that Malthus was exagerratedly gloomy and pessimistic, to the accusation that his theory denied the goodness of God.


  • Remarks on a late publication, entitled, "An Essay on the Principle of Population ..." [1803] Anon 66pp Effects of Civilisation on the People in European States. With Observations on the Principal Conclusion in Mr Malthus's Essay on Population [1805] Charles Hall 335pp Reply to the Essay on Population [1807] William Hazlitt 386pp Principles of Production and Population as they are affected by the Progress of Society with a View to Moral and Political Consequences [1816] John Weyland 537pp An Inquiry into the Principle of Population, including an Exposition of the Causes and the Advantages of a Tendency to Exuberance of Numbers in Society [1816] James Grahame 344pp An Inquiry Concerning the Population of Nations ... Mr Malthus [1818] George Ensor 514pp A Few Doubts as to the Correctness of Some Opinions Generally entertained on the Subjects of Population and Political Economy [1821] Piercy Ravenstone 482pp Illustrations and Proofs of the Principle of Population including an Examination of the Proposed Remedies of Mr Malthus [1822] Francis Place 299pp New Ideas of Population with Remarks on the Theories of Malthus and Godwin [1823] Alexander Hill Everett 139pp "Examination" from Principles of Political Economy [1825] John McIniscon Two Lectures on Population [1828] Nassau William Senior 94pp The Law of Population [1830] Michael Thomas Sadler (2 vols) 656pp
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