Meal service study course


    • Lursen, Monica Shope
    • Russell, Carlene M.


Meal service study course

Monica Shope Lursen, Carlene M. Russell

Iowa State University, 1991

2nd ed

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Includes bibliographical references (p. 93-94)



Explains the fundamentals of good meal service, with emphasis on a positive dining experience and its contribution to quality of life for the institutionalized elderly. Meal Service Study Course 2nd Edition will assist foodservice managers and dietitians in long-term care facilities to take a proactive approach in meeting the changes in the care of long-term patients. Quality of life, quality of care, and resident rights each have an impact on meal service. Caregivers often fail to comprehend the significance that institutionalized older adults place on the issue of food. Residents have the right to receive their food preferences, to use adaptive devices to maintain independence with feeding, to receive appealingly textured modified foods to meet individual chewing and swallowing needs, and to receive appetizing snacks and nourishments. The book is designed for self-study by persons employed in foodservice, dietitians, dietary consultants, or foodservice managers. It contains basic information to help the foodservice staff in nursing facilities improve the overall nutritional status of the residents as well as make mealtime an anticipated and positive "dining experience."


  • Understanding Your Clientele's Food Habits
  • Gracious Meal Service
  • Adapting the Dining Environment
  • Plate Presentation
  • Beyond Pureed
  • Tools of Service
  • Nourishment Service
  • Work Simplification
  • Communication.

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