Psychiatry in the nursing home : assessment, evaluation, and intervention


Psychiatry in the nursing home : assessment, evaluation, and intervention

D. Peter Birkett

Haworth Press, c1991

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In this book, every topic relating to the care of mentally ill or mentally retarded patients in nursing homes is covered. Due to the Omnibus Reconciliation Act of 1987 (OBRA), mandating all states to screen out psychiatric patients needing active treatment who may attempt admittance into nursing homes, many professionals' expertise will be relied upon as the screenings begin to take effect in the 1990s. As nursing home patients have multiple physical and mental problems and those caring for them come from many different educational backgrounds, it becomes of utmost importance that all nursing home workers and administrators familiarize themselves with the gamut of illnesses and patients requiring treatment. This book fits this need; the depth of information presented by Birkett makes this an invaluable book for psychiatrists, psychologists, medical doctors, nurses and aides in nursing homes, gerontology students, and persons involved in administering geriatric services. The seven major sections of the book provide a structure to examine a number of topics important to both newcomers in nursing home work and experienced professionals in the field. Nursing home development is surveyed, as are the people working in and inhabiting nursing homes; specific psychiatric entities are discussed, as are common behavioural problems prevalent in nursing homes but not corresponding to a specific mental illness; the medical/psychiatric interface characteristic of nursing homes is explored. Helpful tips on how to deal with redtape forms and policy are provided in a section centred on legal and administrative aspects of nursing homes. A view of American nursing homes as contrasted with British nursing homes provides insightful treatment options for ageing mental patients as does the view of the future of nursing homes, and the continuing need to make health care for the aged mentally ill as effective as possible.


  • Part 1 The places: history and financing of nursing homes
  • housing the mentally ill
  • the new asylums?
  • the road to the nursing home. Part 2 The people: the patients
  • the families
  • the staff
  • the psychiatric consultant. Part 3 The illnesses: dementia and delirium
  • paranoid disorders and schizophrenia
  • depression
  • mental retardation
  • neuroses. Part 4 The problems: psychotropic drugs
  • physical restraints
  • agitation
  • wandering, falls and loss of mobility
  • violence
  • non-violent agitated behaviours
  • DPB Nurs/Psych. Part 5 Medical aspects: medicalization of care
  • bedsores
  • neurological disorders
  • AIDS
  • nutrition
  • incontinence of urine
  • faeces. Part 6 Policy: fear of litigation
  • anger at the nursing home
  • paper, paper, paper
  • legal competence
  • DNR disorders
  • OBRA
  • psychiatric research in the nursing home
  • the view from abroad. Part 7 The future: what should be done?

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