Ordinary Level mathematics


Ordinary Level mathematics

L. Harwood Clarke

Heinemann Educational, 1984

7th ed. / F.G.J. Norton

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With answers

Previous ed.: 1978

Includes index



This is a book covering ordinary-level mathematics.


  • ARITHMETICFormulae1 Numerals and number bases2 Approximation3 Aids for calculations4 Logarithms5 Areas and volumes6 Ratio and percentage7 Simple and compound interest8 Rates and taxes, stocks and sharesALGEBRAFormulae9 Factors10 Formulae, expressions11 Linear equations and inequalities12 Quadratic equations and inequalities13 Graphs14 Graphical inequalities
  • linear programming15 Indices and logarithms16 Variation17 Arithmetic and geometric progressionsMATHEMATICAL STRUCTURENotation
  • summary18 Set theory19 Binary operations20 Relations, mappings, functions21 GroupsSTATISTICS AND PROBABILTY22 Averages
  • mean, mode, median23 Representation of data24 Probability25 Conditional ProbabilityGEOMETRYSome definitions and theorems26 Axioms, parallel lines, triangles and polygons27 Congruent triangles
  • triangles and quadrilaterals
  • inequalities28 Ratio: similar figures, especially triangles29 The circle30 Loci31 Constructions32 Symmetry33 Matrices34 Geometrical applications of matrices35 Vectors36 Vector geometryTRIGONOMETRYFormulae37 Ratios of an acute angle38 Solution of a right-angled triangle39 The general angle40 Graphs41 Problems in three dimensions42 The circle and the sphere43 Sine and cosine formulaeCALCULUSNotation, formulae44 The derived function45 Applications of the derived function46 IntegrationRevision exerciseIndexAnswers

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