Practical applications


Practical applications

editor, Gábor Szepesi

(HPLC in pharmaceutical analysis, v. 2)

CRC Press, c1991

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Includes bibliographical references and indexes



HPLC in Pharmaceutical Analysis provides a survey of the applicability of HPLC in pharmaceutical analysis and discusses the latest developments in HPLC, as well as the practical aspects of applying HPLC for solving various analytical problems. Each chapter provides a summary and critical review of HPLC methods, considering physicochemical properties of the compounds classified according to their basic chemical structures. The book also focuses on problems associated with sample preparation (rather than satisfactory detectability and/or insufficient resolution) and the methods suitable for achieving significant improvements. Special HPLC techniques, applications, and practical examples that demonstrate the superiority of HPLC methods for solving delicate analytical problems in each chapter are also presented. The book covers all aspects of pharmaceutical analysis, including phase system selection, optimization and validation of the developed HPLC methods, and their applications. HPLC in Pharmaceutical Analysis will prove to be an important reference resource for researchers in pharmaceutical industries, medical schools, and various university departments. VOLUME II: PRACTICAL APPLICATIONS

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