The Failure of presidential democracy


The Failure of presidential democracy

edited by Juan J. Linz and Arturo Valenzuela

Johns Hopkins University Press, c1994

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Includes bibliographical references and index



Citizens of the United States, heirs to two centuries of democratic government, tend to believe that presidentialism - rather than parliamentarism - is the political system that best ensures a stable democracy. In Latin America, however, where many governments have been modelled on that of the United States, presidentialism has had mixed success. In "The Failure of Presidential Democracy", Juan Linz and Arturo Valenzuela bring together leading scholars to examine the question of whether presidentialism or parliamentarism offers the best hope for stable government and democratic continuity. In addition to this complete hardcover edition, this book is also available in two paperback volumes.


  • Part 1 Comparative perspectives: presidentialism and majoritarian democracy - theoretical observations, Arend Lijphart
  • neither presidentialism nor parliamentarism, Giovanni Sartori
  • presidentialism and parliamentarism in comparative perspective, Alfred Stepan and Cindy Skach
  • presidentialism and political stability in France, Ezra N. Suleiman. Part 2 The case of Latin America: party politics and the crisis of presidentialism in Chile - a proposal for a parliamentary form of government, Arturo Valenzuela
  • presidentialism and democratic stability in Uruguay, Luis Eduardo Gonzalez and Charles Guy Gillespie
  • Brazil - toward parliamentarism?, Bolivar Lamounier
  • presidentialism and Colombian politics, Jonathon Hartlyn
  • loose parties, "floating" politicans, and institutional stress - presidentialism in Ecuador, 1979-1988, Catherine M. Conaghan
  • presidents, messiahs, and constitutional breakdowns in Peru, Cynthia McClintock
  • Venezuela - democratic despite presidentialism, Michael Coppedge.

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