The Molecular pathology of autoimmune diseases


    • Bona, Constantin A.


The Molecular pathology of autoimmune diseases

edited by Constantin Bona ... [et al.]

Harwood Academic, c1993

  • hardcover

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Includes bibliographical references and index



Of the diverse disorders afflicting humans, a wide spectrum of systematic diseases, such as lupus, rheumatiod arthritis and organ-specific diseases, such as myasthenia gravis, thyroiditis and juvenile diabetes, are wholly or partially attributable to autoimmunity. As yet, there is no unifying concept to explain the etiology of the many clinically diverse autoimmune disorders. Today, efforts to unravel the mysteries of these diseases are prominent in immunological research, and the progress in this area continues to advance. This book explores the molecular pathology of autoimmune diseases in four sections: cellular and molecular basis of autoimmunity; systemic autoimmune diseases; organ-specific autoimmune diseases; and autoimmunity associated with diseases. Studies in humans and corresponding animal models, as well as basic aspects of immunology related to autoimmune diseases, are described.


CELLULAR AND MOLECULAR BASIS OF AUTOIMMUNITY - B Cells, Immunoglobulin Genes and Variable Gene Utilization by Autoantibodies, Katherine A. Siminovitch and Poien P. Chen - CD5-Lyl B Cells and Autoimmunity, Constantin A. Bona - Natural Antibodies, Piersandro Riboldi, Marion T Kasaian, Lifiana Mantovani, Hideyuk lkematsu and Paolo Casali - Expression and Pairing of VH and VL Families in Murine and Human Self-Reactive Antbodies, Constantin A. Bona, Garnet Kelsoe, Virginia Pascual and J. Donald Capra - Antigen Presentation of Self Antigens, Yvonne Paterson and Ellen Heber-Katz - The Role of the MHC in Autoimmune Disease, Henry A. Efiich, Hugh O. McDevift and Christopher B. Lock - T Cells Antigen Receptor Autoimmunity H. Kono and Argyrios N. Theofilopoulos - Signal Transduction Pathways in T Lymphocytes and Their Relevance to Autoimmunity, Tomas Mustelin and Amnon Altman - Cytokines and Autoimmunity, Gerald J. Prudhomme - T Cell Adhesion Molecules: Relevance to Autoimmunity, Yoji Shimizu, Yoshiya Tanaka and Stephen Shaw - The Effect of Natural Killer Cells on Autoimmunity, Mark D. Penner, John C. Roder and Steven Gallinger - The Role of FCRs in Autoimmunity, Peter Boros, Constantin A. Bona Jay C. Unkelm - Tolewo, Grant and Jacques F.A.P. Miller - Transgenic Models of Autoimmune Disease, Nora E Sarvetnick and H. Stephen, G. Thompson - Idiotypy and the Idiotype Network in Autoimmunity, Maurizio Zanetti - Immune Cornoexes in Autoimmunity, Argyfios N. Theofilopoulos Bacterial Antgen Mimicry, Madeleine Cunningham - Antigenic Mimicry, Thomas Dryberg - SYSTEMIC AUTOIMMUNE DISEASES - Human Systemic Lupus Erythematosis, Virgil L. Woods, Jr. - Immunologic Genes in Mouse Lupus models, Argyrios N. Theofilopoulos - Sjogren's Syndrome: An Autoimmune Exoainopathy, Robert L Fox and Ho-il Kang

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