Textbook of respiratory medicine


Textbook of respiratory medicine

[edited by] John F. Murray, Jay A. Nadel

Saunders, c1994

2nd ed

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Includes bibliographical references and index



This fully revised and well-documented new edition of the field's standard text integrates the latest information on the scientific basis of respiratory medicine with its current practice. Provides expert guidance in 3 areas - basic science, diagnostic methods and clinical aspects of chest disease.


Part 1: Scientific Principles of Respiratory Medicine. Anatomy and Development of the Respiratory Tract. Respiratory Physiology. Respiratory Pharmacology. Defense Mechanisms and Immunology. Respiratory Pathology. Part 2: Manifestations and Diagnosis of Respiratory Disease. Manifestations of Respiratory Disease. Diagnostic Evaluation. Part 3: Clinical Respiratory Medicine. Infectious Diseases of the Lungs. Obstructive Diseases. Neoplasms of the Lungs. Disorders of the Pulmonary Circulation. Infiltrative and Interstitial Lung Disease. Environmental and Occupation Disorders. Disorders of the Pleura. Disorders of the Mediastinum. Disorders in the Control of Breathing. Respiratory Manifestations of Extrapulmonary Disorders. Respiratory Failure. Prevention and Control.

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