Electoral systems in comparative perspective : their impact on women and minorities


Electoral systems in comparative perspective : their impact on women and minorities

edited by Wilma Rule and Joseph F. Zimmerman

(Contributions in political science, no. 338)

Greenwood Press, 1994

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Includes bibliographical references and index



This comparative study of electoral procedures, trends, and key issues is the first to deal with the representation of women and minorities around the world. Wilma Rule and Joseph Zimmerman have brought together an international team of scholars who show why there is gross underrepresentation of women and minorities internationally and who analyze the cultural, socio-economic, and political barriers to their future electoral successes. The scholars describe the current situation in 20 countries in various regions and point to ways for women and minorities to enhance positions politically. This text is intended for courses in comparative politics, political parties and elections, women in politics, and minority politics.


Preface The Underrepresentation Problem Equity in Representation for Women and Minorities by Joseph F. Zimmerman Parliaments of, by, and for the People: Except for Women? by Wilma Rule Minorities Represented and Unrepresented by Matthew S. Shugart Europe and the United States Comparing Political Opportunities in Great Britain and Ireland by Enid Lakeman Norway: Achieving World-Record Woman's Representation in Government by Jill Bystydzienski The German Personalized Proportional Representation System: A Barrier to Women? by Beate Hoecker The Impact of the French Electoral System on Women and Minorities by Kay Lawson and Miriam Feldblum Soviet Political Arrangements: The Representation of Women and Minorities by Carol Nechemias The Underrepresentation of Women and Minorities in Elective Office in the United States by Joseph F. Zimmerman The Middle East and Africa The Israeli Electoral System by Avraham Brichta and Yael Brichta Women and Electoral Politics in Arab States by As'ad AbuKalil Namibia: The Last African Colony's First Election by P.J.J.S. Potgieter Asia "Woman Power" in Japan's 1989 Upper House Election by Theodore McNelly Electoral Systems and Women's Representation in Taiwan: The Impact of the Reserved-Seat System by Bih-Er Chou and Janet Clark Women in the South Korean Electoral System by R. Darcy and Chong-Min Hyun The Impact of the Philippine Electoral System on Women and Minorities by Linda Richter Latin America, Australia, and New Zealand Argentina: The (No) Ceteris Paribus Case by N. Guillermo Molinelli Women and Politics in Brazil: Legislative Elections by Fanny Tabak The Representation of Women and Minorities in the National Legislatures of Costa Rica and Nicaragua by Michelle A. Saint-Germain Representation of Women and Ethnic Minorities in the Parliaments of Australia and New Zealand by Joan Rydon Enhancing the Election Prospects of Women and Minorities Beating the Law of Minority Attrition by Rein Taagepera Selected Bibliography Index

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