Introduction into the basic principles of social security


Introduction into the basic principles of social security

D. Pieters

Kluwer Law & Taxation Publishers, c1993

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This text provides a brief outline of the concepts and principles, as well as the options and techniques, which are present in the structure and development of any social security system. It aims to serve as a basis for international teaching of social security and to introduce the policy-makers and administrations in Central and Eastern Europe, which deal with social security, to the Western conceptual framework relating to social protection.


  • The concept of social security
  • sources of social security law
  • administering social security
  • the personal scope of application
  • social risks
  • social risks and social benefits (in general)
  • old age
  • death
  • incapacity for work
  • unemployment
  • family burden
  • health care
  • need
  • financing social security
  • the protection of personal privacy and of fundamental rights
  • judicial protection
  • enforcing social security law
  • links with other branches of law
  • social security teaching and research
  • international social security law
  • social security (law) comparison.

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