Language diversity surveys as agents of change


Language diversity surveys as agents of change

Joe Nicholas

(Multilingual matters / series editor, Derrick Sharp, 102)

Multilingual Matters, c1994

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This book is essential for anyone concerned with language or linguistic minorities in education. It provides a thorough and clear explanation of the background to, and issues surrounding, language diversity in British education. It will be of interest both to the expert and those seeking an introduction to the field. The study reviews and re-evaluates surveys of language diversity in British education in the context of 'action research'. The author argues that the process of surveying activity is at least as important as the data reported. Evidence for this argument is provided through original research undertaken among students and teachers in Further Education. The study includes ethnographic research into teachers' attitudes and responses to language surveys. The author offers a useful new model for surveys investigating language diversity among students or school children.


  • British language diversity surveys 1977-87
  • the college language diversity survey - introduction, methods and results
  • the college survey - discussion, recommendations, conclusion
  • breaking the spiral of silence - interview data
  • modelling change
  • conclusion. Appendices: HWLC survey materials
  • survey report.

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