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Work motivation : models for developing countries

edited by Rabindra N. Kanungo, Manuel Mendonca

(OBS for social development, 1)

Sage, 1994

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The contributors to this volume assess both the relevance and limitations of Western theories and techniques of work motivation and human resource management in a Third World context.

Table of Contents

Foreword - Pradip N Khandwalla Introduction - Rabindra N Kanungo and Manuel Mendonca Motivational Models for Developing Societies PART ONE: UNDERSTANDING MOTIVATION AT THE INDIVIDUAL LEVEL Bases of Work Motivation in Developing Societies - Sasi Misra and Rabindra N Kanungo A Framework for Performance Management Motivation Through Effective Reward Management in Developing Countries - Manuel Mendonca and Rabindra N Kanungo Designing Work in Developing Countries - Sanjay T Menon The PI Motive - Pradip N Khandwalla A Resource for Socio-Economic Transformation of Developing Societies Middle Management Motivation - S Ramnarayan A State of Choked Potential PART TWO: UNDERSTANDING MOTIVATION AT THE ORGANIZATIONAL LEVEL Empowering the People for Social Achievement - Prayag Mehta Motivation Through Participative Management - Manuel Mendonca and Rabindra N Kanungo Power Dynamics in Indian Organizations - Jai B P Sinha Management Education and Work Motivation in Developing Societies - Nidhi Srinivas Looking in, Looking Out Organization Development - Kalburgi M Srinivas Maya or Moksha Conclusion - Manuel Mendonca and Rabindra N Kanungo The Issue of Culture Fit

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