Literature and travel


Literature and travel

edited by Michael Hanne

(Rodopi perspectives on modern literature, 11)

Rodopi, 1993

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"The essays which make up this volume have been selected from amongst the large number of papers originally presented at a conference on "Literaturem Voyage and Quest" held at the University of Auckland, New Zealand in July 1992" -- Acknowlegement

Includes bibliographical references



Verina JONES: Between History, Fairytale, and Gothic: The Journey in I Promessi Sposi. Linda LEDFORD-MILLER: French Travellers to Guatemala in the Nineteenth Century. Sylvie ANDRE: The Inner Adventure in the Mariage de Loti and Typee. Dennis PORTER: Modernism and the Dream of Travel. Horst HINA: The Traveller and the Native: Looking Both Ways. A Comparison between George Sand, Un hiver a Majorque and Llorenc Villalonga, Un estiu a Mallorca. Ann LAWSON LUCAS: Salgari, the Atlas and the Microscope. Peter ROSS and Blanche HAMPTON: Don't Trust the Locals - European Explorers in Amazonia. Brian MOLONEY: A Sentimental Ulysses: Sterne, James Joyce and Italo Svevo's Corto viaggio sentimentale. Joseph FARRELL: The Age of Icarus - the Adventure of Flight in Gabriele d'Annunzio and Lauro de Bosis. Walter MUSOLINO: The Story of O, or the Wandering Egos of Ulysses in the Novels of Cesare Pavese. Luc RENDERS: Arthur Rimbaud and Breyten Breytenbach: Two Authors in Search of Africa. Anne Marie MIRAGLIA: Canadian and Quebecois Writers in Search of America. Sharon WOOD: Strange Euphorias and Promised Lands: The Travel Writing of Anna Maria Ortese. Pierre DAPRINI: The Existential Voyage: Modiano and La Place de l'Etoile. Roberto J. GONZALEZ-CASANOVAS: Renaissance Iberian Narratives of (Self)Discovery: The Voyage as History, Story, and Myth.

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