Psychological aspects of modernity


    • Braun, Jerome


Psychological aspects of modernity

edited by Jerome Braun

Praeger, c1993

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Includes bibliographical references (p. [239]-254) and index



Braun's work has a strong psychological focus on the ramifications of social change--with emphasis on modernization for meeting the psychological needs of the people involved. What is unique about the work (it represents the collaboration of seven scholars in such fields as philosophy, psychology, sociology, and political science) is that it makes a serious attempt to provide a realistic and relevant framework of analysis for interpreting the way the human personality reacts to strain and pressure, including cultural and social change. As societies become increasingly bureaucratic, anonymous, and materialistic, and social relationships become increasingly segmented rather than holistic, it is important to study how basic human needs are fulfilled and how personalities are molded.


Introduction Phenomenological Depth in Social Psychology/Psychiatry Human Nature and Concepts by Eugene T. Gendlin Transpersonal Phenomenoloy: The Corporeal Schema by David Michael Levin Resiliency of the Personality as Affected by Sense of Identity and Personal Relationships by Jerome Braun Culture and Personality Emotions, Social Structure and Ego Structure: The Expression of Motives in Relationships by Jerome Braun Mistaking Means and Ends in Personal Realtionships by Jerome Braun Modernity Some Cultural Sources of Ego Development by Jerome Braun New Technologies of Addiction by Jerome Braun Contradictions of Universalistic Ethnics: Some Themes and a Possible Solution by Mathew Kanjirathinkal Space Out of Time: "Schizophrenia" and the Cultural Logic of Modernity According to Max Weber by Terry Maley Personality and Social Relationships Under Conditions of Modernity The Ethical Responsibilities of Mental Health Professionals: A Study in Public Morals and Personal Relationships by Jerome Braun Forms of Sociability Under the Influence of Social Change by George J. McCall Intimacy and Modernity by John M. Reisman Prospects Some Theses on Social Order by Jerome Braun Selected Bibliography Index

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