The legal environment of business : principles and cases


The legal environment of business : principles and cases

George W. Spiro

Prentice Hall, 1993

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Includes bibliographical references and indexes



For business manager or student with little or no exposure to law, this book studies the nature and functions of the legal system and the legal issues faced by business managers.


  • Part 1 The nature of law and the US legal system: what is Law? ethics and social responsibility
  • constitutional law and business
  • the court system
  • litigation and other types of dispute resolution
  • regulation and administrative agencies. Part 2 Organizing to do business: forms of business organization
  • securities regulation. Part 3 Regulating private business conduct and crime: contracts
  • torts
  • product liability
  • business crime and criminal procedures. Part 4 Employment and the law: labor relations
  • labor standards
  • employment discrimination. PArt 5 The legal environment of the marketplace: antitrust and the Sherman Act
  • the Clayton and Robinson-Patman Acts
  • trade practices and intellectual property
  • debtor-creditor relations
  • property, land-use and environmental law
  • international business law.

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