Destruction of hazardous chemicals in the laboratory


Destruction of hazardous chemicals in the laboratory

George Lunn, Eric B. Sansone

Wiley & Sons, c1994

2nd ed

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"A Wiley-Interscience publication."

Includes bibliographical references and indexes



An updated collection of detailed procedures used to degrade and dispose of a broad range of hazardous chemicals whether in bulk quantities, solutions in various solvents or spills. This edition features new chapters on the removal of metal ions and biological stains from solution; the degradation of mycotoxins, enzyme inhibitors, polycyclic heterocyclic hydrocarbons and highly reactive reagents such as butyllithium, peracids and phosgene as well as the use of much less hazardous reagents including molecular sieves. A list of hazardous compounds indexed by name, molecular formula and CAS Registry Number offers ready access to the data.


Partial table of contents: Acid Halides and Anhydrides. Aflatoxins. Alkali and Alkaline Earth Metals. Antineoplastic Alkylating Agents. Aromatic Amines. Azides. Biological Stains. Boron Trifluoride and Inorganic Fluorides. Butyllithium. Calcium Carbide. Carbamic Acid Esters. Cisplatin. Citrinin. Complex Metal Hydrides. Cycloserine. Dimethyl Sulfate and Related Compounds. Haloethers. Heavy Metals. Mercury. Mitomycin C. Nitrosourea Drugs. Ochratoxin A. Organic Nitriles. Patulin. Peroxides and Hydroperoxides. Picric Acid. Protease Inhibitors. Sodium Amide. Sulfur-Containing Compounds. Uranyl Compounds. Appendices. Indexes.

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