The Biology of DNA tumor viruses


The Biology of DNA tumor viruses

edited by Samuel Schiminovich ; with an introduction by Renato Dulbecco

(Milestones in current research)

Plenum Press, c1976

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Includes bibliographical references and indexes



Milestones in Current Research is a series of reprint collections dis- tinguished from other such publications by new concepts in preparation, presentation, and intent. The aim of each volume is to gather for a given field the seminal contributions that have defined and shaped the trends within the most active areas of current research. The selections for each volume and the structure of the book have been determined with the help of a novel tech- nique of bibliographic analysis and have then been presented to an acknowl- edged scientific authority for minor adjustments and the writing of an In- troduction. These introductions will lend historic perspective to the material selected for each volume. The bibliographic analysis used tends to select papers central to the areas of current research within, roughly, the last decade and is a systematic procedure for depicting, delineating, and covering all such areas over a wide spectrum of scientific research. It is hoped that with this procedure it will be possible to achieve an objectivity, authority, and thoroughness not reached by others and that the timeliness of the volumes will not be limited to just a few years. Each volume should have the permanent value of a historical statement and yet be suf- ficiently interesting to active researchers in the field as well as to students exploring the quiet way in which the relentless drama of research unfolds in the journal literature.


I. Introduction.- II. Structure of Viral DNA.- 1. Evidence for a Ring Structure of Polyoma Virus DNA.- 2. The Cyclic Helix and Cyclic Coil Forms of Polyoma Viral DNA.- 3. The Twisted Circular Form of Polyoma Viral DNA.- 4. A Dye-Buoyant-Density Method for the Detection and Isolation of Closed Circular Duplex DNA: The Closed Circular DNA in HeLa Cells.- III. Integration State of Viral DNA in Transformed Cells.- 1. Viral DNA in Polyoma- and SV40-Transformed Cell Lines.- 2. The Integrated State of Viral DNA in SV40-Transformed Cells.- IV. Detection of Virus-Specific (T) Antigen.- 1. A Specific Complement-Fixing Antigen Present in SV40 Tumor and Transformed Cells.- 2. Detection of Specific Antigen in SV40-Transformed Cells by Immunofluorescence.- 3. Synthesis of SV40 Tumor Antigen during Replication of Simian Papovavirus (SV40).- V. Activation of Infectious Tumor Virus SV40 in Transformed Cells.- 1. Studies on the Transfer of Subviral Infectivity from SV40-Induced Hamster Tumor Cells to Indicator Cells.- 2. Activation of Production of Infectious Tumor Virus SV40 in Heterokaryon Cultures.- 3. Production of SV40 Virus in Heterokaryons of Transformed and Susceptible Cells.- VI. Transcription of the Viral Genome In Infected and Transformed Cells.- 1. Virus-Specific RNA in Cells Productively Infected or Transformed by Polyoma Virus.- 2. Characterization of the Simian Virus 40-specific RNA in Virus-yielding and Transformed Cells.- 3. Regulation of Transcription of the SV40 DNA in Productively Infected and in Transformed Cells.- 4. The Transcription of the SV40 Genome in Productively Infected and Transformed Cells.- 5. Strand Orientation of Simian Virus 40 Transcription in Productively Infected Cells.- 6. A Map of Simian Virus 40 Transcription Sites Expressed in Productively Infected Cells.- 7. Presence of Cell and Virus Specific Sequences in the Same Molecules of Nuclear RNA from Virus Transformed Cells.- VII. Temperature-Sensitive Mutant Studies of Cell Transformation in Polyoma Virus.- 1. Induction of Cellular DNA Synthesis by Polyoma Virus.- 2. Abortive Transformation by Polyoma Virus.- 3. Cell-Transforming Ability of a Temperature-Sensitive Mutant of Polyoma Virus.- 4. Abortive Transformation by the Tsa Mutant of Polyoma Virus.- 5. Temperature-Dependent Properties of Cells Transformed by a Thermosensitive Mutant of Polyoma Virus.- VIII. Further Problems in the Biology of Small DNA Viruses.- 1. Growth Control in Cultured Cells: Selection of Sublines with Increased Sensitivity to Contact Inhibition and Decreased Tumor-Producing Ability.- 2. Mutation Causing Temperature-Sensitive Expression of Cell Transformation by a Tumor Virus.- Author Index.

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