Z User Workshop, Cambridge, 1994 : proceedings of the Eighth Z User Meeting, Cambridge, 29-30 June 1994


Z User Workshop, Cambridge, 1994 : proceedings of the Eighth Z User Meeting, Cambridge, 29-30 June 1994

J.P. Bowen and J.A. Hall, (eds.)

(Workshops in computing)

Springer-Verlag, c1994

  • : Berlin
  • : New York

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"Published in collaboration with the British Computing Society."

Includes bibliographical references and index



This volume contains papers from the Eighth Z User Meeting, to be held at the University of Cambridge from 29 - 30 June 1994. The papers cover a wide range of issues associated with Z and formal methods, with particular reference to practical application. These issues include education, standards, tool support, and interaction with other design paradigms such as consideration of real-time and object-oriented approaches to development. Among the actual topics covered are: the formal specification in Z of Defence Standard 00-56; formal specification of telephone features; specifying and interpreting class hierarchies in Z; and software quality assurance using the SAZ method. Z User Workshop, Cambridge 1994 provides an important overview of current research into industrial applications of Z, and will provide invaluable reading for researchers, postgraduate students and also potential industrial users of Z.


Fermenting and Distilling (Invited Paper).- Applications.- The Formal Specification in Z of Defence Standard 00-56 (Invited Paper).- Formal Specification of Telephone Features.- A Tale of Two Paradigms: Formal Methods and Software Testing.- Education.- Integrating Formal Methods into a Professional Master of Software Engineering Program (Invited Paper).- Object-Orientation I.- An Object-Oriented Development Framework for Z.- Z for Managed Objects.- Specifying and Interpreting Class Hierarchies in Z.- Semantics.- Z and HOL (Invited Paper).- Z and Natural Semantics.- Towards Correct Executable Semantics for Z.- Methods.- Towards a Z Method: Axiomatic Specification in Z.- Software Quality Assurance Using the SAZ Method.- Z and Abstract Machine Notation: A Comparison.- Concurrency.- TLZ (Invited Paper).- Visualising Concurrent Z Specifications.- Specifying Real-Time Systems with Z and the Duration Calculus.- Object-Orientation II.- An Object-Oriented Data Model Supporting Multi-Methods, Multiple Inheritance, and Static Type Checking: A Specification in Z.- Producing Z Specifications from Object-Oriented Analysis.- Animation of Object-Z Specifications with a Set-Oriented Prototyping Language.- Appendices.- Select Z Bibliography.- Comp.specification.z and Z FORUM Frequently Asked Questions.- Author Index.

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