6th Refinement Workshop : proceedings of the 6th Refinement Workshop, organised by BCS-FACS, London, 5-7 January 1994


6th Refinement Workshop : proceedings of the 6th Refinement Workshop, organised by BCS-FACS, London, 5-7 January 1994

David Till (ed.)

(Workshops in computing)

Springer-Verlag, c1994


Sixth Refinement Workshop

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"Published in collaboration with the British Computer Society."

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The Sixth Refinement Workshop took place at City University in London from 5th to 7th January 1994. The present volume includes all of the papers which were submitted and accepted for presentation, together with two papers by invited speakers. The workshops in the series have generally occurred at one year intervals but in this last case a two year period had elapsed. These workshops have established themselves as an important event in the calendar for all those who are interested in progress in the underlying theory of refinement and in the take-up by industry of the methods supported by that theory. One of the proposed themes of the sixth workshop was the reporting of successful adoption in industry of rigorous software development methods. The programme committee was perhaps slightly disappointed by the response from industry to the call in this respect. However, the recent period could be characterised as one of consolidation, when those companies which have made the decision that formal development methods are important to their business have been adopting them where appropriate and finding them to be worthwhile. On the other hand,. the difficult economic climate which exists in most parts of the developed world is perhaps not the context within which companies still dubious about the benefits are goil'\g to opt for making major changes in their working practices.


Invited Papers.- Using Refinement to Understand Architectural Connection.- Formal Semantics for Ward and Mellor's Transformation Schemas.- Submitted Papers.- Improving the Process of System Specification and Refinement in B.- Testing and Safety Analysis of AM (Abstract Machine) Specifications.- Formal Development of Authentication Protocols.- Deriving Language Recognition Algorithms. A Case Study in Combining Program Specialisation and Data Refinement.- Program Refinement by Theorem Prover.- Co-Refinement.- Metavariables and Conditional Refinements in the Refinement Calculus.- Machine Code Programs Are Predicates Too.- Laws of Parallel Programming with Shared Variables.- Environment-Based Development of Reactive Systems.- Refinement in Object-Oriented Specification Languages.- Operation Semantics with Read and Write Frames.- Proof Obligations for Real-Time Refinement.- Author Index.

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