Maisie and the dolphin


    • Rabley, Stephen


Maisie and the dolphin

by Stephen Rabley

(Easy starts, beginners level)

Longman, 1989

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Longman Easystarts is a series of low level readers designed for students who are just starting to read and who want to read books which are simple but not childish. The stories are considered particularly suitable for students starting English at secondary school. The language level is pitched lower then Longman Structual Readers Stage 1 (which contains a basic vocabulary of 300 words) and the structures, sentence length and vocabulary are carefully controlled. Each page of the book is made up of 2/3 of illustration and 1/3 of text and the illustrations should facilitate and reinforce comprehension as well as making the books attractive to students. There are questions at the back, and an accompanying cassette contains readings of all six stories in the series. This book tells the story of a girl who finds and makes friends with a dolphin in the Caribbean and of their adventures together. Stephen Rabley has written several Longman Structural Readers, including "Customs and Traditions of Britain", "The Golden Lasso" and "Photo of the Tall Man".

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