Dictionary of biomedical acronyms and abbreviations


Dictionary of biomedical acronyms and abbreviations

Jacques Dupayrat

John Wiley, c1990

2nd ed

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If you think you know what AA stands for--read on! It could be Amino Acid or Arachidonic Acid, but this book also lists acupuncture analgesic, agranulocytic angina, alopecia areata, aplastic anemia, atomic absorption and axonal arborization. Similary, PM is fairly straightforward in a political or temporal context; but could you list any of the 14 commonly used biomedical phrases that have the same abbreviation? In a world of rapid information transfer, the use of acronyms and abbreviations is increasing at a dramatic rate, and keeping abreast of the additions is difficult. This dictionary has been substantially revised and expanded, and now includes 30% new information. The main subject areas covered in the book are: medicine, biology and biochemistry, including many chemical terms frequently used in these fields. To be sure, the Dictionary of Biomedical Acronyms and Abbreviations will be of great value as an aide-memoire to all those involved in biomedical literature.

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