Barrios and borderlands : cultures of Latinos and Latinas in the United States


Barrios and borderlands : cultures of Latinos and Latinas in the United States

[edited by] Denis Lynn Daly Heyck

Routledge, 1994

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Includes bibliographical references (p. 454-456) and index



ISBN 9780415903943


This text tells the story of Latino cultures in the US and integrates that story into the larger framework of United States cultural history. Avoiding a chronological approach, it offers a dynamic and integrated way to look at Latino cultures which allows readers to draw comparisons with mainstream culture and with their own personal experiences. The book includes an introduction and a timeline reviewing the history of Latinos in the United States as well as a glossary of Spanish terms.


  • Latinos, past and present - introduction
  • the ties that bind - la familia
  • "Buenos Dias, Mi Dios" - la religion
  • all for one and one for all - la comunidad
  • we come bearing gifts - las artes
  • in the belly of the beast - (im)migration and exile
  • my roots are not mine alone - la identidad cultural.

pbk. ISBN 9780415903950


This unique anthology highlights the diversity of Latino cultural expressions and points out the distinctive features of the three major Latino populations: Mexican, Puerto Rican and Cuban. It is organized around six central cultural issues: family, religion, community, the arts, (im)migration and exile, and cultural identity. Each chapter focuses on a particular theme by presenting readings from a variety of genres, including short stories, poems, essays, excerpts from novels, a play, photographs, even a few songs and recipes.


Preface 1. Latinos, Past and Present - Introduction 2. The Ties That Bind - La Familia 3. "Buenos Dias, Mi Dios" - La Religion 4. All for One and One for All - La Comunidad 5. We Come Bearing Gifts - Las Artes 6. In the Belly of the Beast - (Im)migration and Exile 7. My Roots Are Not Mine Alone - La Identidad Cultural

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