Managing in Britain and Germany


Managing in Britain and Germany

Rosemary Stewart ... [et al.]

Macmillan , St. Martin's Press, 1994

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Managing in Britain and Germany compares British and German managers' behaviour and views of their work, and seeks to explain the differences. Based on a two year comparative study by British and German research teams, the book challenges the universal view of management presented in so many management books, by showing how differently German middle managers think and act. These differences are then unravelled and traced back to their various roots: ranging from the particular (nature of the job, product or organisation) to the general (the society's institutions and values). Written by leading management experts from Britain and Germany, the book provides useful lessons and insights for practising managers and for those studying management everywhere.


PART 1: BACKGROUND TO THE RESEARCH - Framing the Research Question - Designing the Study - PART 2: THE FINDINGS - Different Roads to Managerial Competence - Demands, Constraints and Choices of Middle Managers' Jobs - What Middle Managers Do - PART 3: EXPLAINING THE DIFFERENCES - Management and Organisational Structure - Management and Institutions - Management and Value Systems - PART 4: LESSONS - Lessons - Appendices

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