An introduction to health : policy, planning and financing


An introduction to health : policy, planning and financing

Brian Abel-Smith

Longman, 1994

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This book concerns itself with the key question: how to improve health in a cost effective and politically acceptable way. What makes people healthy? Why are the poor less healthy than the rich? Why do some countries have a better health record than others? An Introduction to Health is divided into four parts comprising the determinants of health, health service planning, health service financing, and controlling costs and securing user-friendly services.


PREFACE. PART ONE: The Determinants of Health 1. Introduction2. Inequity in Health3. Lifestyle and Health Promotion4. Planning Health Policy. PART TWO: Planning Health Services5. The History of the Organisation and Financing of Services6. Methods of Health Service Planning7. Planning the Health Work-force8. Planning Primary Health Care9. Planning Pharmaceuticals10. Planning Hospitals. PART THREE: Health Services Financing11. Public Health Expenditure and the Economic Crisis12. Private Health Expenditure13. Compulsory Health Insurance.PART FOUR Controlling Costs and Securing User-friendly Services14. Methods of Paying Providers15. The Efficient Use of Health Resources16. Facing up to the Future.INDEX

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How is it possible to improve health in a cost-effective and politically acceptable way? Abel-Smith draws from the experience of developed and developing nations to answer this question. The book covers all key areas of health - how to define it, how to plan for it, how to pay for it. The book provides an international perspective and deals extensively with the complex issue of health financing in accessible, non-technical language. The first part of the book deals with the major determinants of health and health policy in its broadest sense. The second narrows the perspective to health service planning and the third to health service financing. The final part concentrates on how to create both efficient and user-friendly health services. The author is an internationally recognised authority and has advised governments around the world on health care. The book is aimed at undergraduate and postgraduate students taking courses in health policy planning and management, in social policy and political science and economics degrees.


  • Part 1 The determinants of health: inequity in health
  • lifestyle and health promotion
  • planning health policy. Part 2 Planning health services: the history of the organization and financing of services
  • methods of health service planning
  • planning the health work-force
  • planning primary health
  • planning pharmaceuticals
  • planning hospitals. Part 3 Health services financing: public health expenditure and the economic crisis
  • private health expenditure
  • compulsory health insurance. Part 4 Controlling costs and securing user-friendly services: methods of paying providers
  • the efficient use of health resources
  • facing up to the future.

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