Economic incentives and environmental policies : principles and practice


    • Opschoor, Johannes B. (Johannes Baptist)
    • Turner, R. Kerry


Economic incentives and environmental policies : principles and practice

edited by Hans Opschoor and Kerry Turner

(Environment, science, and society)

Kluwer Academic Publishers, c1994

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Includes bibliographical references and index



This text contains a collection of papers on economic incentives and environmental policies which result from the authors' joint research work in the program "Environment, Science and Society", conducted under the auspices of the European Science Foundation. The work concentrates on the scientific and methodological aspects of the development, implementation and evaluation of economic instruments at a national level. The research is both theoretical and empirical. At a theoretical level attention is given to the dynamics of intrument choice in various political and economic contexts, and to the means for evaluating economic instruments in terms of their effectiveness and efficiency. Athe performance of economic instruments in reality and to explore options for new approaches on the interface between technology, economy and the environment.


  • 1. Environmental Economics and Policy Instruments: an Overview
  • R.K. Turner, J.B. Opschoor. Part I: Economic Analysis of Environmental Policy Instruments. 2. Environmental Policy Failures and Environmental Policy Levels
  • H. Verbruggen. 3. Economic Incentives in Environmental Policy: Why are they White Ravens? A. de Savornin Lohman. 4. On the Design of Incentive Mechanisms in Environmental Policy
  • K. Conrad, Jianmin Wang. Part II: Economic Instruments: Empirical Aspects. 5. Instruments Choice in Water Pollution Policy in Italy
  • A. Fraschini, A. Cassone. 6. Carbon Taxation and Global Warming: Domestic Policy Aspects
  • D. Piacentino. 7. Environmental Policy Instruments: an Applied General Equilibrium Modelling Approach for Quantifying their Efficiency and Effectiveness
  • K. Conrad, M. Schroeder. 8. Regulating the Farmers' Use of Pesticides in Sweden
  • I.-M. Gren. 9. Economic Instruments for Environmental Protection in Agriculture: Some Basic Problems of Implementation
  • H. Nutzinger. Part III: Product Cycles, Innovation and the Design of Economic Instruments. 10. Chain Management in Environmental Policy: Analytical and Evaluative Concepts
  • J.B. Opschoor. 11. Waste Paper Cycle Management: Incentives and Product Chain Pressure Point or Leverage Point Analysis
  • G. Bertolini. 12. The Role of Economic Instruments in Solid Waste Management Policy
  • R.K. Turner, D. Pearce. 13. Policy Instruments to Stimulate Cleaner Technologies
  • R. Kemp, X. Olsthoorn, F. Oosterhuis, H. Verbruggen. Index.

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