Workbook of accounting standards


Workbook of accounting standards

Alan Sangster

Pitman, 1993

2nd ed

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Previous ed.: 1991

Includes index



The second edition of this text has been revised to cover the Accounting Standards Board's recent pronouncements and Financial Reporting Standards I on cashflow and FRS 2 on accounting for subsidiary undertakings. This has resulted in changes to the chapters on groups and presentation standards, and to chapter 1 on materiality and chapter 2 on statement of standard accounting practice 6. Multiple choice questions and extra short-questions have been added to each chapter. The answers to the extra short-questions are provided in a separately published Lecturer's Guide which is available only to lecturers who recommend the text for student purchase. These can be used for set work and as a basis for subsequent class discussion. The format of the first edition has been retained, and a summary of accounting treatment of each standard is given, followed by a discussion of interpretation and "grey areas", flowcharts, and a question bank of graded difficulty. Over 600 short questions and a number of longer problem-type exercises are provided. The text is up-to-date and covers all extant SSAPs and the new standard FRS 1 on cashflow, FRS 2 on accounting for subsidiary undertakings, as well as other recent pronouncements, and five extra questions per chapter have been added. It is suitable for students of accounting following a second-year course on financial reporting, particularly on accounting degree courses and professional courses such as ACCA paper 2.8 and AAT final paper 9, or their equivalent under the revised syllabus regulatons. The book is also appropriate for BTEC or SCOTVEC HND courses in accounting.

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