GenEthics : technological intervention in human reproduction as a philosophical problem


GenEthics : technological intervention in human reproduction as a philosophical problem

Kurt Bayertz ; translated into English by Sarah L. Kirkby

Cambridge University Press, c1994



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"Originally published in German as GenEthik by Rowohlt Taschenbuch Verlag, Hamburg, 1987"--T.p. verso

Includes bibliographical references and index



This book was first published in 1994. Ever since Plato, human reproduction has been a subject for philosophical speculation. The last two decades are no exception. Quite the contrary: recent technological revolutions within the field of human reproduction has provoked among philosophers reflection and ongoing controversies. In his pioneering book, Kurt Bayertz provides a comprehensive analysis of the philosophical deep structure behind the ongoing controversies. He strikingly relocates some of the central ethical issues concerned with human reproduction and its technological control. The central aim of this book, however, is not to solve the many ethical problems within the field, but to understand the nature of these problems. Such an understanding remains impossible until we realise that technology does not reduce to external power. Control over human reproduction is perhaps the most impressive example of technology as a part of ourselves. We have to face the conclusion that, by changing technology, we change ourselves.


  • Foreword
  • Preface to the English edition
  • 1. At the start of a technological revolution
  • Part I. Towards Autoevolution: 2. Reproduction according to philosophical principles
  • 3. The evolution of eugenics
  • 4. Reconstructing humanity
  • 5. The great uneasiness
  • Part II. The Destruction of Human Substance: 6. Human nature
  • 7. Substantialism and its difficulties
  • 8. Metaphysics with ecological intent
  • 9. Playing God
  • Part III. Subjectivity and Self-Alteration: 10. The human being as subject
  • 11. From substance to consequence
  • 12. The problems of subjectivism
  • 13. Process without a goal
  • Epilogue
  • 14. GenEthics and reproductive morality.

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