Teen legal rights : a guide for the '90s


Teen legal rights : a guide for the '90s

Kathleen A. Hempelman

Greenwood Press, 1994

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Includes bibliographical references and index



Does my school have a right to search my locker? How many hours can I legally work at a job if I am in high school? What are my rights if my parents divorce? Who is responsible if I have a car accident? How does the law on alcohol and drugs pertain to me? These and hundreds of other questions on teenagers' legal rights are answered in this comprehensive guide to the most current information on the legal rights and responsibilities of young people. Written for teenagers, their teachers, counselors, and parents in a clear, easy-to-follow question-and-answer format, this guide will help teenagers to understand their rights at home, at school, behind the wheel, and on the job. Legal procedures in juvenile court, in family abuse and neglect situations, and in connection with issues relating to birth control, abortion, and homosexuality are discussed. Each of the 18 subject sections is followed by a list of suggested readings. The work contains a section on how to find the law, a glossary of legal terms, a list of child protective agencies and national organizations assisting young people in legal matters, and pertinent tables and charts of minors' rights in the individual states.

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