From a Black perspective : contemporary Black essays


From a Black perspective : contemporary Black essays

edited by Douglas A. Hughes

Holt, Rinehart and Winston, c1970

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  • The language of soul, by C. Brown
  • The invisible wall, by K. B. Clark
  • Fifth Avenue, uptown: A letter from Harlem, by J. Baldwin
  • Brainwashing of Black men's minds, by N. Hare
  • Knowing the beauty of what we are, by N. Wright
  • Explanation of the Black psyche, by J. O. Killens
  • Power and racism, by S. Carmichael
  • The Black Muslims, by L. E. Lomax
  • The Black revolution, by Malcolm X
  • The legacy of Malcolm X, and the coming of the Black nation, by LeRoi Jones
  • Black rage, by W. H. Grier and P. M. Cobbs
  • The white race and its heroes, by E. Cleaver
  • You will know the truth, by D. Gregory
  • Integration or desegregation, by J. Farmer
  • The struggle for Black power, by C. M. Lightfoot
  • Look out, whitey! Black power's gon' get your mama, by J. Lester
  • The case for Black studies, by D. E. Pentony
  • A new vision, a better tomorrow, by J. Bond
  • A testament of hope, by M. L. King