Atlas of world development


Atlas of world development

edited by Tim Unwin

John Wiley & Sons, 1994

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Bibliography, and sources for figures and tables: p. [319]-338

Includes index



The early 1990s have seen enormous transformations in global geopolitics, and yet the life experiences of the worlds poor remain very little different from those experienced by their predecessors half a century, or even longer, ago. The Atlas of World Development is a collaborative project by leading researchers and scholars of the Developing Areas Research Group of the Institute of British Geographers and presents an original, stimulating and occasionally controversial graphic interpretation of the concepts and processes of world development. A particular feature of this atlas is its innovative cartographic presentation, both by its use of the Eckert IV map projection as a standard global base to depict spatial and areal relationship in a clearer way than is possible with more conventioal graticules, and its mapping of features and phenomena at a variety of scales from global to local, that have rarely, if ever, been shown graphically before. The global maps have been compiled and drawn specially for this book, and together with the clearly-written explanatory text and commentaries, provide a uniquely up-to-date, informed, and authoritative reference source on the present state of the world. By adopting a truly global perspective, this atlas, unlike others available, deals not just with developing countries, but with the whole world, demonstrating the inter-connected and vital nature of the development process for the whole of humanity. Global maps produced under the direction of Don Shewan, London Guildhall University, UK


Definitions of Development and Historical Context. The Environment of Development. Population, Class and Education: The Social Structure of Development. Production and Exchange: The Economic Structure of Development. States, Wars and Elections: The Political Structure of Development. Images, Religion and Language: The Ideological Structure of Development. Bibliography. Appendix. Index.

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