Constitutional and administrative law



Constitutional and administrative law

John Alder ; chapter 23 contributed by Michael Haley ; law series editor, Marise Cremona

(Macmillan professional masters)

Macmillan, 1994

2nd ed.

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Bibliography: p. 439-445

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The second edition of this clear and readable text book on the basic principles of UK constitutional law has been thoroughly updated. John Alder provides his own introduction to the political and historical background that many students find obscure, making this an ideal first text book. A major focus os the book continues to be the different sources of our constitution and how they interrelate. Much is illuminated by comparisons with other countries, particularly the USA, and for this edition a new chapter reviews the relationship between EC and UK law. Fresh treatments of UK citizenship, Northern Ireland, civil liberties and judicial review strengthen John Alder's reputation for handling clearly topics which often seem controversial and difficult.


PART 1: GENERAL CONSTITUTIONAL THEORY - The Nature of the UK Constitution - The Sources of the Constitution - Constitutionalism: the Rule of Law and the Separation of Power - Parliamentary Supremacy - International Matters - The European Communities - PART 2: PARLIAMENT - The Constitutional Position of Parliament - The House of Lords - The House of Commons - Parliamentary Procedure - PART 3: THE EXECUTIVE - The Crown - The Powers of the Crown - Ministers and Departments - The Civil Service and the Armed Forces - Ad hoc Bodies - The Police - PART 4: THE JUDICIAL BRANCH OF THE STATE - The Judiciary - Tribunals and Inquiries - Judicial Reviews of the Executive - PART 5: CIVIL LIBERTIES - General Principles - Freedom of Speech and Assembly - Entry to and Exclusion from the UK - Emergency Powers - Police Powers of Arrest and Search - Appendix: Primary Documents

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